Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I guess as a blogger one should be consistent with writing in the I looked back over this blog is has been almost a year and half since the last post.  Please threw a couple of curve balls my direction and I am a horrible catcher. The biggest curve ball was when my ex-husband committed suicide last Spring leaving our two children in a state of confusion. (Yes, this is very blunt...but you really can't sugar coat it.)  My teenage children now face becoming young adults without their father, I dealing with growing teenagers alone and  attempting to make good choices for their future. I found out I have a 90% tear in my rotator cuff that added some pain to my life.  And to the end of year, my mother broke her ankle.  I had to gather her up from her home in Washington and bring her back to Idaho.   I hope to start up on this little blog to keep me motivated, to focus on some "me" time, and allow me to express myself. 

Here is to  a New Year, a fresh start, to live and love all, and be at peace.  Come walk/run with me through this year's adventures.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week 11

Where do I start?  Usually I just write about the week not the weekends....but there was some crazy stuff going on..On Saturday I volunteered for a local cancer camp, Camp Discovery, to help raise funds for the non profit organization.  Twenty one of us volunteered to run the gates at a Brewfest in Idaho Falls ( a mere two and half hour drive--one way!)..about 6,000 people went through the gates....and of course being busy in the hot sun a few beers needed to be tested....those damn little never know how much was tested (I am taking a counter next year!).   Sunday was two long walks with the dogs and than a late nine hole golf round. 

Monday I could not drag myself out of bed....I wonder why?  Golfed ladies night...I do enjoy that silly game...walked the golf course.

Tuesday up and out the door by 5am.  Using the resistant band, the benches and work out areas for 45 minutes.  If felt good....just being outside.  Zumba class again Tuesday night...getting better, still shaking everything but sweating a little less.  I was very happy when I saw sweat rolling off the best in-shape dancer!

Up and out on Wednesday morning. My eyes are adjusted to what should be and should not be on the island.  As I was walking/running I noticed a small object that was in the field...that was not there the day before.  I truly hoping it was not a skunk as the dogs took off...luckily it was only a very large raccoon that could run fast!

Thursday I was out the door after locating the crazy cat. It is getting a bit tricky at the Island where I walk.  The river is flowing fast and is on the raise.  The center of the island is filling up with water making it a great place for birds. Today while exercising the dogs took off chasing ducks.....funny sight seeing my short legged dogs dashing through water so early in the morning...and yes they stink when they get home!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Week 10

Goodness, another eventful week of walking/jogging.  Monday was a holiday...did not get up to run but played 27 holes of golf (yes, I walked the course!).  

Tuesday was up early to walk/jog/exercise around the island.  Felt good to be outside...the sun is peaking over the Continental divide earlier and earlier each morning. Tuesday night was "Zumba" night...did not know I had so much to shake!!!  And shake I did..everything shook.

Wednesday was the more intense day of walking/running....almost ran a mile..the damn asthma keeps slowing me down.  The craziest thing that happen on Wednesday...I thought I heard a man screaming....(raspy, deep scream) at 5:30am on the island but it ended up being a frighten Great Blue Heron flying for his/her life from an angry Osprey.  The Great Blue Heron with its huge wing span darting from one side of the river to the other...flying low, flying high with the Osprey in attack mode flying with it.  I wished the Great Blue luck as I watched them fly up the river. 

When I wake up in the morning to walk I usually wake up at 4am toss and turn until it is time to get ready.  On Thursday I had a reprieve from walking....a wild, strong lightening and thunder storm rolled through the valley at 4am.  The lightening was the whole house each time it struck...the thunder shaking the house...the dogs hiding under the bed.  I thought it might be a brief storm but the hail came next and than the rain.  Sweet, sweet warm bed..rolled over to sleep in.

Woke up late on Friday...4:50am but I was still out the door by 5am....glad I don't need coffee in the morning to get me going.  The birds are singing now that it is lighter outside.  Enjoyed the time outside...another mile almost ran.  I am still walking/running 2.5 miles a day but I would really rather run the whole time.  Maybe someday it will happen.  But I am proud of myself  anyway just getting outside everyday. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 9

The week started off well but ended off poorly. Monday....out bright an early...sneaking away from the house so the cat doesn't follow me to the park.  Dogs excited but I am nervous because the river is on the rise and the dogs are not "river smart" or swim well.  I am thinking of getting doggy life jackets for them for the walks.  Tuesday...another early day but no time for a walk...took off to Missoula with a great friend...ended doing an epic shopping trip at Costco..three flat bed carts and two regular carts full---loaded into a small Toyota truck. Wednesday..too tired to get up to walk....dogs not impressed. Found a great old fashion push reel lawn mower....mowed the lawn...drank a beer ..took a nap/went to bed early, really early.  Thursday...forced my self to exercise/walk the dogs..river roaring, felt good to be outside. Friday..did not get up AGAIN to walk...the after effects of last night card game took its toll...getting too old to hang the big guys...need to learn moderation..there will be beer least somewhere to drink. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Week 8

So, not to bore my lack of readers I plan to only write once a week now.  I am still trying to be a runner...not sure when that will happen.  I am impressed with any athlete that runs with asthma. I think I should just hook myself up to an oxygen tank when I run.

I am changing up my little "running" program a bit.  Run/walk three times a week, and exercise/walk/run two days a week. I am going to use the exercise equipment around the dog park to do pull ups, back extensions, squats, dips, use park benches to do step ups plus numerous exercises with a resistance I am looking really strange on my walks.

I love going to end of the island..the water rushing on either side..taking a deep breath...doing the "Warrior"..a small moment of mediation before the dogs jump on me because I am not moving...they haven't pushed me in the water yet. The other morning I startled a Great Blue Heron..what an amazing place I live.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Week 7-Friday

I think the dogs know which days we walk.  They are ready to go when I put my shoes on.  The weather is turning to Spring finally.  My walks are going well...still the running part evades me but just a little bit at a time.  I might have to start earlier in the is getting light out by the time I am home...someone might see me...YIKES.  Off to golf in the dogs and cats allowed at the golf course...should be relaxing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week 7-Wednesday

The knee is feeling better everyday.  Just going slow around the island.  Playing a little golf during the week, a few hikes to hot springs, and walks in the hills. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 7-Monday

Feeling better each time I go out to run.  I am still unable to run a mile..but will keep trying.  I guess I need to learn how to run with is sad when your legs tell you are able to run but your lungs decide not to help you.  I huff and I puff like the little engine that i will keep huffing and puffing...and keep moving.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Week 6-Friday

The weather is turning warmer...only about 36 degrees in the morning now.  It is refreshing being outside.  Nothing too exciting other than the damn cat keeps trying to run with the dogs and me.

Week 6-Wednesday

Ghosts, did I see a ghost? While on the island I was remembering reading something about being a safe runner-run with your head up, don't use earphones to listen to music, be aware of your surroundings, etc.  Nothing was said about seeing ghosts!!  While on the island walking..I saw a flash, a ghostly flash among the trees.  Hell, I know there is not anyone else on the island this early...too cold, too early, the dogs would bark,..did I see a ghost?  Took a deep breath and headed towards the "ghost".  Turning the corner I decide all the ghost was the reflection of the moon off a large aspen tree.  The mind plays great tricks!